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FG on reopening schools: all information about preparations, resumption date and safety guidelines.

The Federal Government, after a lot of resolution has hinted on the reopening of schools amongst other decisions it has taken to ensure safety.

The announcement was made through the Minister of State for Education, Chukuemeka Nwagiuba, who said that efforts were underway to release a date for reopening schools in the country. 

He also added that rumors hovering around about the WAEC exams expected to commence in about two weeks time should be disregard, saying that until there is certainty about the safety of school pupils together with school workers. He said there was no fixed date yet, until safety requirements are being met.

The minister had also said that schools should carry out a complete accessment on themselves and report to ministries of education in the state on or before July 29, before a date for reopening can be reached and communicated.

The guidelines are explained in these four areas below:

Staying home and learning safely 

This guideline ensures the safety of both the students, educators and both their families. It also states that all necessary provisions must be made for an adequate environment for learning. This therefore means that factors like location and access to the internet will not hinder quality learning.

This also covers the effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), in educating while children at home will also adhere to every safety protocol given. 

Before schools and learning facilities reopen

Federal and State Ministries of Education, after due verifications and consultations should decide on when to reopen schools. Also, each State should set up a School Health Programme led by a School Health Officer, and School Focal Officers allocated to each school.

Safe distancing should also be analyzed by conducting proper risk management and providing proper enlightenment on the proper way to ensure safety distancing while pointing out the risks associated with violations. Other procedures include funding, learning and supervising. 

The reopening process 

In this phase, the process should progress gradually to minimize risks of COVID-19 infection. Much attention should be paid to providing and establishing all the basic facilities such as hand sanitizers, face masks, isolation/treatment centres and even referral systems needed to prevent infection. Teachers and other personnel are to be trained on safety and hygiene. 

Ensuring safety when schools and learning facilities reopen

This final phase check on supervising, examining and controlling guidelines that are being enforced, to make sure that quality is achieved in all dimensions. All provided facilities in the checklist will the monitored regularly. 

These accessments will be evaluated and scrutinized in relation to the guidelines given before reaching a final decision on whether to reopen schools or not. 

He stated that a meeting with WAEC was held on Monday and had agreed to meet with some other countries who also take the exams to resolve on a feasible date, assuring parents that all efforts is channeled to keeping their children save.

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