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See photos of how people match their face masks with their outfits

If you notice those people that care and have passion for fashion. they have this characteristic of making their outfits unique.

For instance,if they want to attend social gatherings, they put on attires that match their shoes,caps or head ties At offices and corporate organizations, the men put on ties that match their shirts,and shoes that match their trousers.

Likewise the ladies wear head ties that have the same colors with their gowns and blouse

In the event of corona virus, face mask is becoming more popular,among its importance is the protection against dust, smoke gases,smell and pollens.

Its use as protection against the spread of corona virus provides a physical barrier to fluids and large particles droplets.

Face masks of different colors and designs that people use these days have gone beyond ordinary. People are finding ways to match their face masks with their outfits.

Here are different matching face masks with outfits:







In as much we cannot do without the use of face mask against coronas virus,let us try to match it with our outfits.

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