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"If You Don't Laugh, You're A Genius" - See 25 Funny Photos And Memes

"If You Don't Laugh, You're A Genius" - See 25 Funny Photos And Memes 

Life is really difficult for some people during this covid 19 pandemic. And everyone is expected to be at home in order to be safe.

So I was saying, you will surely laugh at these photos. Just in case you have been searching for something that can make you laugh, then you are at right place. 

Remember, no matter your mood, you can’t resist to laugh, and if by chance you are able to resist these pictures without laughter. Then you are a legend.

So you can't be thinking of thinking too much because this can cause serious danger to our lives so the best thing to do is to make time for yourself, laugh, smile eat and enjoy your life.

Hope you had a good laugh?

This life is too hard already to be too serious with life

Just try to have fun once in a while and try to do things that will make you happy.

Your happiness first.

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Stay safe and stay healthy

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A Genius


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