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We Agreed To Do It After Marriage, But She Can't Wait Anymore, So We Did This Instead (Fiction)

I met my fiancee about a year ago, it was love at first sight. She was also an advocate of sexual purity and chastity till marriage. I didn't mind since I believed we will get married and so no need for rushing into sex.

Before her, I have already trained a girl through school who later refused to marry me so I am always very skeptical about spending money on a girl.

One certain day, we went to visit her parents and I observed that their house was in a very bad shape. I wanted to undertake the project but remembered how the girl I trained in the University dissappointed me so I decided I will only help after our wedding.

I told my fiancee and she agreed. We fixed a date for the marriage but then Covid-19 became a serious challenge.

During this rainy season, their roof has been leaking and my fiancee was urging me to help even though we haven't wedded, so I told her let's just do court wedding. We can then do a big wedding after the Corona enforced break.

We got wedded last Saturday in a court and immediately serious work began in her parents house.

I am so happy that I didn't make that mistake again.

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