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Check out this funny Covid-19 masks

The covid-19 era has brought a lot tears to the faces of many people across the world. The brought Hunger, depression, mental instability and worse, death.

Million Of lives has been distorted, reduced to poverty level. Many rendered homeless and many more stranded.

However, despite all the challenges some people still had the time to make themselves happy and by putting smiles on people faces.

Enjoy this beautiful photos from around the world

1. This man went to the store dressed up in a Halloween costume. Mad one

2. Funny grandpa with the funny faces

3. Can't believe that car owner got his car a mask. Hilarious

This man went to a store with a dog costume.

straight outta sci -fi movie

Even the knights go shopping

The skiing gears

The Norton Antivirus downloading to

The cup cake package

The water dispenser tank

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Covid-19 Hunger


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