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Good News for Schools to Re-Open, Here Are the Guidelines Laid Down By NCDC.

Good News for Schools to Re-Open, Here Are the Guidelines Laid Down By NCDC.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) have laid down some guidelines and helping cheat sheet for schools in Nigeria to reopen following the lockdown since March and affected the economy and the activities and responsiveness of the children staying at home.

According to the guidelines which was released by the Centre, it has lot of bodies who will be monitoring and be in charge of the reopening which the Federal Government of Nigeria is working towards. With collaboration of the Federal Government, Federal Ministry of Education, Education in Emergencies Working Group in Nigeria (EiEWGN), Presidential Task Force on COVID – 19, Federal Ministry of Health and other bodies which will be overseeing the procedure.

In a viral tweet, a user wrote: “LOL fun fact Coronavirus is here to stay. With or without vaccine. Just like every other virus. Eg: HIV. Teach your children how to live with it instead you’re in a country of oyinbo no do am no be original. What if it takes 10yrs to get vaccine” - @_yorubadboy

This arise when World Health Organization (W.H.O) claimed coronavirus is here to stay with us. So many countries have been taken adequate safety precautions to curtain the spread of the virus in the society. Learning environments which includes Internally Displaced Place (IDP), early childhood care, development centers, integrated Qur’anic Education Schools (IQESs) and other leaning facilities are to take the safety precautions very serious to avoid the spread of the virus among the students and teachers.

Here are the guidelines provide by NCDC and other stakeholders for schools to reopen in this pandemic period

1.      OUTDOOR LEARNING – in this case, the spread of the virus is limited where student will have to practice social distancing between themselves and the teacher. Shelter outdoors will be used to protect and see to the safety of the students and teachers involved. But here, factor such as weather condition are looked into and provide adequate facilities for learners and teachers.

2.      PLATOONING – different classes of various institutions will be dividing into different segments which may include morning and afternoon shifts for the learner and teachers.

3.      SCHEDULE the way the students and teachers interact in school premises and classes would be reduced by structuring the leaning system in a way that suite both parents, teacher and student’s timing.

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