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"Don't Put Your Nose Mask On Your Chin/Neck!" This Is Why It Is More Dangerous

"Don't Put Your Nose Mask On Your Chin!" This Is Why It Is Very Dangerous

Ever since the outbreak of this corona virus pandemic, the use of nose mask has become mandatory for everyone. This can be said to be a preventive measure against contracting the virus. According to medical experts, the virus can be contracted mostly through the nose and eyes. That is why it is adviseable to always put on a nose mask when leaving your house.

However, most people are not wearing the nose mask for their health purpose, but rather because they don't want to get arrested if they are caught without a mask. It has now become an habit for people to put their nose mask on their chin, rather than to cover their nose and mouth.

Have you forgotten that ur chin and neck are exposed? So when u put your nose mask on your chin/neck, it the virus is there already, you will then use it to cover your mouth again, thereby infecting yourself. So it's better not to wear it at all, rather than putting it on your chin.

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