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School Resumption: Class Rooms Turned Into Poultry Farm Goes Viral On Internet People React (Photos)

The effect of corona virus pandemic has caused more harms not just only in deaths but in hunger of those who remain alive. This is because their source of income has been shattered due to the lockdown restrictions.

The viral picture of schools turned into poultry farm has left a lot of people raging on social media of what the country has turned into. These classrooms have become empty for months and with the way the pandemic is being managed they may not resume for a long time.

The authorities of these schools have converted the class rooms to poultry farm, displacing the chairs and desks of studeqnd replacing them with birds.


This was reported by a journalist on Twitter with the username Ayemojubar. There have been a lot of questions from people all over social media.

Most parents can not gauranty the fate of their children on going back to school. Even though school resumes now, where will the students study, will the authorities be willing to close their poultry off? These are questions parents are asking.

However, this remains terrible for these times as people are doing anything they can to survive through the pandemic.

Here are some of the reactions made by Nigerians so far:

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