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COVID-19: possible high rate of fake sanitizers produced says PTF

Amidst the efforts to eliminate COVID-19 or at least contain the spread of the virus in Nigeria, it's has been reported that there is a high tendency of production of alcohol-based sanitizers that are fake to satisfy the high demand.

Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF), boss Mustapha pointed out that about 63% of these type of sanitizers all around the country were not registered and might be fake.

He stated that a survey conducted by the Nigerian Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), had shown that different manufacturers are probably making substandard hand sanitizers that could endanger lives.

It'd been reported that COVID-19 can be contacted even through a hand shake with an infected person. The fear of contacting the virus and it's rapid means of spreading has compelled people to buy sanitizers without any confirmation of its authenticity.

Reports have emerged that the use hand sanitizers with more than 60% of alcohol aid in reducing the risk of contacting the virus. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, when alcohol-based sanitizers are used, the membrane viruses around the actual virus are killed quickest, and then the virus becomes inactive

However, if the hand sanitizers produced are not up to the required standard to fight these viruses, then the purpose is defeated and it could rather cause other fatalities in the process 

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