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Mr. Ibu Should Be Arrested By the FG for Trying To Confuse Nigerians about Covid-19 (Opinion)

We all know that the issue of corona virus has been a major problem in Nigeria and other countries all over the world. it took most of us unawares because nobody prepared for such a pandemic but we all have to face it the way we see it. This virus has taken the life of many and has really affected people all over the world; the rich are being infected, the poor are being infected, the old are being infected and even the young. This virus has made us live in fear and panic, we can no longer live socially like before, hugging is now a thing of the past. The most surprising part is that those who have the money to fly themselves abroad for treatment can no longer do that because of the cure for this pandemic has not been found. But I know that one day; God will provide a cure to this virus so that we can now live our normal life again.

I was very shocked when I heard what one of Nigerian famous actor and comedian said concerning the virus. Those that are famous in our country are supposed to be the ones enlightening others and teaching them what to do and how to prevent this virus. A famous person in our nation has a lot of impact to the society and at such is supposed to be role model.

In an interview, John Okafor who is popularly known as Mr. Ibu expressed his own view on this corona virus. He said that corona virus does not exist he also asked some critical questions concerning this virus and said that he does not believe that this virus exist.

After he made this statement they have been different reactions online concerning this statement of his. Some are even in support of what he said but I thi8k he should be called to other. i think he should be arrested and my reasons for saying this will be mad know to you as you continue reading this article.

Mr. Ibu is a great legend in the movie industry, he has a lot of followers and many people (both Nigerian and citizens of other countries) always like watching his videos and his attitude can go a long way to influence many. Remember when Funke Akindele went against the laws concerning social distancing and she hosted a party for her husband, she was arrested immediately. When she was arrested this made many Nigerians to know that this virus is real and also a serious issue in our nation Nigeria. She was told to carry out community services of which really sent a message to all. Making all know that nobody is above the law.

I think the government should do same to this actor before he leads many to confusion. We know that this virus is real in our nation and has really caused panic. This statement of his might cause those who are in Nigeria to also believe that this virus is not in existence, thereby promoting the breaking of the laws concerning corona virus. This will put a lot of is at risk and endanger the life of many.

If he gets arrested for this his statement, those who want to also make such a statement will be mindful and careful. It is high time we should all be disciplined and also do what is right.

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