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All SS3 students should resume on the 7th of September to sit for their WASSCE (Opinion)

Ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, you will agree with me that our normal lives have been affected in one way or the other. We have been learning to cope with things nobody had ever dreamt about like not hugging or shaking hands. This virus seems to be enjoying its stay In Nigeria and Its obviously affecting the rich and wealthy politicians more. We’re assaulted with content on the spread of the virus and its health challenges, is conducting 2020 WASSCE at this time the way Nigeria should be responding to prevent the spread and flatten the curve, definitely No.

Shifting the exams would likely prompt bigger headlines but the importance of the postponement cannot be overlooked. It was a mixed reaction amongst students and parents when it was announced that the SS3 students have been allowed to return to school in various parts of the country to enable them commence with their academic work and prepare for their exams. Some were happy while some were against it. Although the resumption of schools both have risks and potential benefits. Sadly, people will still get the disease and die if we follow this hasty approach.

In every situation, lives comes first. The students lives should be protected, already parents are complaining that they won't let their wards come to school. Waec said they are ready to conduct exams on August 3rd but the Minister of education said the resumption date will be postponed until when its safe to reopen. In my own Opinion, the online lectures should still continue as some students are even complaining of too much assingnments and schools should be reopened on the 7th of semptember and all students should sit for their exams, By that time, Covid-19 will have taken a break, I believe.

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