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My mum recovered from Covid-19 three months ago, these are the bad things happening to her right now

When Coronavirus pandemic first broke out in Nigeria, some Nigerians didn't believe it, insisting the news was just an avenue of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the State goverment to be making revenue.

But as times goes on, the lie started becoming reality and up till now, despite people know the virus is real, some people are still not taking it serious.

A Twitter user has narrated what his mum is going through, despite she recovered from Coronavirus about three months ago. He made it known that his mum recovered from the deadly virus in the month of May and till now, she is still having the following symptoms.

She is not close back to normal like they claimed when she recovered, she is having scarred lungs, she is having shortness of breath, she is still feeling weak, and some other.

For people who are not following the National Center for Disease and Control (NCDC) guidelines concerning the virus, you are advised to always follow it, as even if you recover from the virus, the above mentioned symptoms will still be there in your body for a very long time.

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