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Take a look at what HAPPENED in a CLASSROOM in Borno state due to the covid-19 pandemic (Photos)

A quite funny incident can indeed be spotted in a classroom in Borno state, which was possibly caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic which affected the country, thereby leading to the closure of certain functions. It was recalled that schools had been completely made to be closed.

However, according to lindaikejiblog, a certain twitter user whose name is @iotama22 shared what happened to a classroom in Borno state, due to the fact that school had been closed a long time, and many tried to make avenues for survival. According to the photo shared by the twitter user, it could be seen an empty classroom filled with beautiful chickens, all arranged well like a poultry farm, with the foods of the animal well placed as all chairs, and desk were piled at one corner of the classroom.

According to the photos, it could be seen clearly that a beautiful and we'll spacious classroom had turned into a hub of business, for poultry farming, just to utilize the space, and to survive during these hard times which was caused by the pandemic. Could this be a genius idea, or could there be something wrong with this, take a look at the photos below, and drop your thoughts in the comment section below

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