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Lucrative Business You Can Do With Negligible Capital Investment

African continent is seen as the poorest of all known continents in the world Statistics shows that the gap between the rich and the poor in Africa is very wide.

Furthermore, It is in the same continent you will find highest number of destitutes , the homeless and many gtafuates whose visions and missions have been blighted by delibitating penury occasioned majorly by unfavourable economic realities.

Nigeria is a country in west part of Africa. Naturally, her people are not immune to harsh living standards partly instigated and sustained by official corruptions and lack of proper implementations of economic policies.

The country is owing huge debts in hard currency to the International Monetary Fund(IMF) due to poor serviced loans by the subsequent governments.

So, the intended government laudable programs have been haulted by paucity of appropriate financing.

Hence, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has been established to fight corruption ,cyber crimes and all other myriads of financial related crimes.

Meanwhile, majority of Nigerians are leaving below poverty level which has been exacerbated by the adverse effects of the novel Covid-19.

No doubt in the face of the waves of the aforementioned factors coupled with astronomically increasing unemployments rate, self employment tends to be an alternative means of survival economically.

But, how can one start up a profitable business in the face of draconian bank interest rates and unwillingness of trusted allies to lend financial assistance? The following can be a reliable way out:

1) Workout on the requirements of heliculture business which is all about snail farming.

2)Before starting this business, plant banana tree,maize seeds,pawpaw tree and cassava stem at your back yard.Those crops require relatively small farm tending.Their leaves will be needed as snail food or in the alternative, you may get those leaves from your neighbours' farm.

3) Get a large used plastic drum or storage tank placed in a moist location.

4) Fill the base of the drum with loamy soil dirt and perforate the container on the lid and sides for ventilation.

5) Cover the container with appropriate iron mesh and mosquito wire to prevent mosquito from causing high snail mortality.

6) Arround evening time,spray the aforementioned leaves inside a nearby bush to attract free bush snails and to safe cost of buying them.Around 11:p.m, ho back to the the bush and fetch for healthy snails

7) Fill the top of the soil in tank with leaves of cassava, banana tree and paw paw tree.Water these leaves.

8) Introduce your snails into the new snailry( snail house or pen or habital)

9) Ensure that the snail house is shaded to prevent scorching sun which can reduce moisture leading to stunted growth or death of your animals.

In conclusion, in the next few weeks, your snail should be ready for sale at a good price in the nearby markets or restaurants . This will make our youths and others to depend on relatives,friends or government for financial obligations.

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