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It is Not mentally safe that Students are not going to School, So Government should equip Schools

ASUU has advised the Federal Government not to open schools until they are assured it is safe for students to attend classes without falling prey of COVID-19.

In a comment on facebook, someone said ASUU and NUT ought to be providing solutions like their counterparts in USA, Germany etc.

My questions are; how do you want ASUU and NUT to provide solutions?

That ASUU should start research on the vaccine?

If yes, in which laboratories?

Is it the laboratories where students are conducting alternative to practical or where they are still using 1984 equipments?

If no, should they use their salary to provide everything the NCDC has identified as measures?

What should NUT do? Expose their members to dangers unnecessarily or how?

Apparently, you are talking about so many countries that are opening schools. Are those so many countries in the category of Nigeria where 50 students will be using one single tube in practical class?

Or where 700 students are fixed up in a class that ought to be for 100 students like sardine? Are their schools medical centers running short of ordinary malaria drugs not to mention COVID-19 relief medicines?

Are their ambulances lacking petrol in case of emergencies like that of Nigeria institutions?

Nigerian institutions before the pandemic have over burdening issues that were never considered by the Government to be solved in the mean time. So many schools lack basic facilities to care for domestic illness of students in the school not to talk of now when there is outbreak. We have schools whose students have made outcries in the past due to the worsening conditions of their schools' health facilities which have claimed lives of their colleagues.

Now, that there is pandemic, would it not be a crime to make students go to school with these same facilities.

We, students are also tired of staying home. We want schools to be reopened. But that won't happen by just mere wishes. We must stand up and demand for it. Demand for necessary measures to ensure our safety while school will be back to normal.

The Government should equip our schools so that we can go back to classes. It is not mentally safe that we are not going to schools.

Content created and supplied by: PhilFactHola (via Opera News )

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