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Late D’Rovans Boss’ Daughter, Tosin Aiyegbeni Opens New Restaurant In Ibadan

On Monday, 13th July, 2020, Elebu Market, Off Akala Express, New Garage area of Ibadan, came alive. It was the official opening of Vintage Mirrors, an upscale restaurant owned by one of the daughters’ of the late popular hotelier, Chief Francis Aiyegbeni, Tosin Aiyegbeni.

The launching, strictly held in line with the COVID-19 guidelines, had in attendance all the who-is-who in the city’s entertainment world. Some politicians, as well as other eminent personalities also graced the occasion. The list include Mr. Adegoke Shittu, CEO Lifestyle; Mr. Saheed Fowosere (OmoGafo), CEO Infinities; Segun Alfonso; Mrs. Martin's (Yeye Oge); Hon. Gbenga Opaleye, former Chairman, Ibadan South West Local Government; Mr. Niyi Alebiosu of Nigerian Tribune and Chairman, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Oyo State Chapter; Mr. Lanre Agiri just to mention a few. Christopher G. Ejigbo, Tosin's business partner, was also very visible at the event.

A popular high-life singer, Oyiboyi was on bandstand. A popular female Disc Jockey was also on ground.

The moderate but colorful event availed guests the opportunity of having the taste of what to expect from the stables of the restaurant. As the name connotes, Vintage Mirrors is not just a restaurant but a total package of what to expect when it comes to food.

According to Tosin, the brain behind the restaurant, the aim is to change the narratives in running restaurant business in Ibadan. To provide sumptuous foods of all kinds including swallows, under hygienic and conducive environment, with special focus on customer relation and excellent service delivery.

Interestingly too, Vintage Mirrors is not only about restaurant, it also comes with Lounge and Car Wash, as well as indoor and outdoor catering. Nothing less should be expected from Tosin, she is one of the Aiyegbeni sisters to have taken after their late father in business.

Tosin, no doubt, is not a novice when it comes to food business; she has equipped herself with the necessary experience while working with her father at D’Rovans Hotel back then.

In fact, Tosin could best be described as her father carbon copy; they have many things in common. Apart from the strickling resemblance, Tosin also has the business blood flowing in her. She was not only in charge of D’Rovans’ kitchen back then, she was also involved in her late dad’s musical band. She led D’Rovans Band while her father was still alive.  

It was in the course of the official opening of the restaurant that City People's Correspondent, Dare Adeniran had a little chat with Tosin Aiyegbeni. During which she was able to share her vision for the newly opened restaurant, where she got the business acumen from and some other issues. It is indeed a little but interesting chat with Tosin. Read below the excerpts of the five minutes interview. Enjoy it.  

Tell us about the idea behind Vintage Mirrors, what inspired such name?

It all started from the days of D’Rovans. I would say I go into catering services because of the experience I had working with my dad. I used to work at the hotel, and saw the inspiration behind food and running of the hotel generally. I mean, I saw the seal my father had for his job as a hotelier. That was what really inspired me to go into catering. I was in charge of the kitchen and restaurant back then, so I felt in order not to waste the experience I was able to gather then, I should do something along that line.

About the name, Vintage Mirrors. Vintage reflects being the best of its kind. It is something unique, something that is different from every other thing. The taste of our food, service delivery, the serene environment shows that everything we do here is different from the norms.

While Mirrors in our name means the outlook. There is no one that looks into the mirror and wouldn’t want a second glance, it reflects your image. That is where the idea of Vintage Mirrors came from. 

So what differentiates Vintage Mirrors from other restaurants?

The taste, and excellent service delivery. We have tasked ourselves right from the onset to be the best. The aim is to change the narratives as far as restaurant business is concerned. We are not just out to run a restaurant for the sake of running it. We want to be sure that people eat good food and get value for their money. Good customer relation and excellent service delivery are the main focus.

Has being late Chief Francis Aiyegbeni helped you in any way?

It has really helped me greatly. Because most people that have heard about my dad, once I mention my name, they are always ready to support and assist me in their own way, by contributing to whatever I am doing. 

Tell us about other things you do apart from running a restaurant?

I also sing. I am a high-life singer. It has always been something I do at D’Rovans back then. I was the leader of D’Rovans band before my dad died. In fact, there are some singles that I will be dropping soon. We are presently working on them in the studio.W

What was the greatest lesson you leant from your father as a businessman?

To make the impossible possible; that was the major thing I learnt from him. That was what he used to tell us while growing up that, ‘’there is nothing impossible to do or achieve’’. If you look at the way he built and ran D’Rovans, you will know that the brain behind the business surely had a bigger dream. The structures, organization and all, one would not but marvel at the whole concept. That is my father. I think I have some of these traits in me too, to do things differently.

What is your plan for Vintage Mirrors in some years to come?

This is not my first eatery actually. I used to have a stand at Viewpoint, I was the one managing the kitchen there. That was where I started from after D’Rovans. Of course I am looking forward to when Vintage Mirrors will be a household name in Ibadan and beyond. And I believe soon, I mean in the not too long distance from now, we will get there by God’s grace.

Tell us little about yourself?

I am Tosin Aiyegbeni. I run an upscale restaurant and I am also into music. I am a Management Economics graduate from Tai Solarin University of Education.

Content created and supplied by: DareAdeniran (via Opera News )

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