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July 21: A day I will never forget in life.

Do you have a day(date) you will never forget in life?

A day that seems to have decided your future?

A day you never wish to come again? Or a great day you pray to exist all through always in your life?

Many people always have a memorial day (date); a day (date) that had defined a lot of circumstance in their life both negatively and also in the positive aspect.

I will be sharing with you the story of Eunice. Do you know why Eunice will never forget 21st of July? Find out.

"Growing up as a child was memorable in my life as I had both sad and happy events just like every other child.

I felt I was the only fortunate and lucky child on earth. Everything was happening as expected,there was love,unity and harmony. I had the best family ever.

The story line changed and I was still getting it into my imagination when it all became a reality. At the age of 12,my father lost his job at 'Maryland Julie' hotel,one of the most recognized and Luxurious hotel in my country.

After the hotel accidentally had a fire outbreak,the management can no more run the hotel. My father finally lost his job as the manager of 'Maryland Julie' hotel.

He began to stay at home without any employment, though his savings was enough to start him a business but he said he didn't want to engage in any business,he still desires a job just like his past job.

Each time I returns from school,my father will always be fixed to his phone,so focused that I wonder what kept him so busy.

I am the only child of my parents, therefore they were so committed to giving me the best things of life. My mother was a busy type,a promising career woman who earns a six figure income as an exporter and importer, more to that,she was a respected and honourable lawyer.

Few months after my father lost his job,he engaged me into his schemes. My father will always call me into his room and ask me to sit down to watch some weird videos. I wasn't Interested at all but he usually compels me to do so.

This continued from watching sexual videos to fingering me at night or whenever I returns from school. Finally I was raped by my father because everything was not at my will,I never wanted it.

I was confirmed pregnant few weeks later and that was when my mother realized it all. The cat was let out if the bag. He wasn't my father.

The man that defiled me wasn't my true father, I was adopted by my the woman I called my mother due to her inability to have her own child. I couldn't control my tears, everything seems to happen so quickly.

On the 21st day of July 2016,I gave birth to an imbecile child. Nurturing a child at the age of 13 was a nightmare I never wished to exist. The beautiful couple that had adopted me decided that I find my way with the child. Initially they both wanted me to stay and deliver the child for them. To the both, it was an opportunity to have another child,as they desired male child.

That was the beginning of my perril!

The child died that same day in the hospital. I have nowhere to go, therefore I still have to shelter under the roof of my adopted parents who do not care about my plight.

On the 21 July 2018,I killed my adopted father. He constantly defiles me while his wife goes in support of it. There was no one to confide in. The trauma only originated a revengeful thought. I left their house that day.

Nobody saw me,then how possible was the police able to find me?

On this day 21st of July 2019, I was find guilty of murder charges and the judge passed his judgement. I was really the murderer,but nobody wants to hear the side of my own story.

It seems as though this date is an evil date that had brought nothing good except evil. Should I tell you I was wrong?

Today, the 21st of July 2020, my government made me a free girl. I and my fellow young prisoners were freed due to the COVID-19 pandemic." Eunice narrated bitterly

I know you also have some memories to share,what day(date) had created a lasting memory and impression in your life? As for Eunice,what do you have to say to her? What's your advice to the 17 years young girl?

Take to the comment section to share your own story and an advice for young Eunice. Also like and share to others. Many parents are ignorant of what happens in their homes.

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