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No more Waec or any school activities this year, it should be postponed till 2021.(opinion)

I know this might not be a very good opinion to many but please before you crucify me, give me a little of your time let me state my reasons of why they should be no more Waec or any school activities this year and why is should be postponed till 2021.

Before I continue let me remind us that the main reason why schools and other institution was closed for nearly four months now was because of the deadly corona virus pandemic that have ravaged the whole world. And I believe I don't need a sooth Sayer to tell us how this deadly virus have affected the whole world and not Nigeria alone.

So at first the government did the right thing by forcing a total lockdown on every institution in the right place. Because if not for that and with the way we do things in Nigeria we would have been able to number ourselves now but because of the total lockdown the effect was not that much.

I know some now will be begin to argue that the government have opened other institution like worship centers, market and other sectors. Well you may be right in that regard but that's not a good reason why schools should also be reopen. If you look at the the organisation that's opened so far they are all matured enough to know what's good and what's bad.

Unlike in the educational sector where we have lots of children that can hardly know their left and right. Please my fellow Nigerians I'm also a student and I'm eager to go back to class but what about our little ones how do we expect them to cater for themselves? As the educational sector is one there is no need to open batch by batch therefore let be patient till everything is fine then we resume at once.

I know we are already tired of staying at home but believe me you it's more better to spend 100 years at home than to go to school and die after one year. Not that I'm saying that anybody is going to die if we resume school but because as the covid-19 is not yet over we should be patient. We see that more cases are been discovered everyday so let's please be patient and when the right time come all of us will be fine and happy as we resume together.

So based on my assumption above, it's in my opinion that Waec and any other schools activities should not be allowed to reopen this year rather let's be patient till 2021 when we are sure all is fine.

please feel free to say what you think about this opinion in the comment section. Thanks!

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