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"I make 5-8 Thousand Naira Daily Selling Akara": Chinedu, An Uniport Graduate Who Sells Akara In PH

Bean cake popularly known as Akara is a common delicacy eaten in every villages, towns and cities across Nigeria and beyond. Many people relish akara and use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A combination of akara and bread or pap as the case may be is always consumed by many Nigerian families daily. 

A good number of people undermine the lucrative nature of akara and as such think it's for only the low in the society. But for Chinedu Maxwell Odeh, the converse is the case.

Chinedu is a Computer and Statistics graduate of University of Port Harcourt, who once worked in a company. Speaking to Karina Israel of Perspective TV, Chinedu said he was a staff of a company in Port Harcourt but decided to quit his job after being owed for twelve months.

Chinedu didn't just start making akara all of a sudden. He had to submit himself under the tutelage of a popular akara woman in his area before he began his. 

Recounting how he began fixing akara along a major road in Port Harcourt, Chinedu said that he woke up one morning after leaving his job and began strolling around his neighbourhood thinking of what to do to sustain himself.

According to him, he came across a popular woman frying akara along Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt, and saw how she was going about it passionately, making huge sales. Something struck him and he reassured himself that he could pull this off.

Chinedu said he went and met the woman after she had finished making sales one Monday morning and humbly told her: " Mama, please, I want to start making akara, please teach me." Mama laughed it off, thinking that Chinedu was kidding but after he had come three days consecutively, mama knew that Chinedu meant business and fully taught him the secret behind making tasty akara.

Currently, Chinedu owns kiosk branded "Akara King," where he prepares hot and tasty akara every morning and according to him, he sells out before 8.30 a.m every day.

On how much profit he makes daily, Chinedu confessed that he makes an average of 5000 to 8000 Naira daily from the sales of his akara. However, the coronavirus pandemic took a toll on the business but he hopes everything pans out fine.

Chinedu currently has two other men on his payroll, helping him attend to his teeming customers. He equally embodies good hygiene in the process of making and selling his akara.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to Karina commended Chinedu's enterprise adding that his akara is one of the best around.


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