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Vocation: 13 Simple Steps to produce Liquid Soap for sale in Nigeria.

Welcome to my second article on Vocation in Nigeria.

Today we are going to discuss on Liquid Soap production.

Fortunately, due to COVID-19, Liquid Soap productions has scaled high and the producers make pretty amount of cash.

Nearly every household in Nigeria are using Liquid Soap not to talk of hotels or restaurants cum rendezvous, so, it's a lucrative business to embark on.

As usual, materials needed first before the Simple steps. 👇


1. A big container for the whole production.

2.Measuring bowl.

3. Stirrer e.g spoon or asophisticated stick.

4. Hand Glooves.

5. Face Mask ( to avoid perceiving malodorous chemicals)

6. Small containers for storage.


1. Water.......................35 litre (depending on the texture you want).

2. Sodium Laurate Sulphate (SLS)........6-16 teaspoons.

3. Caustic Soda........165g.

4. Soda Ash............245g.

5. C.M.C (Carboxy methyl cellulos)/ Antisol/ Nitrosol....480g.

6. Texapon.............10-20 teaspoons.

7. Sodium Tripoyphosphate (S.T.P.P).......10-20 teaspoons.

8. Formalin.....6-10 teaspoons. (for preservation).

9. desired.

10. Fragrance (perfume) desired.

The above chemicals can be purchased at any chemical shops in Nigeria.

If you're in Lagos , Abuja , Akwa Ibom, or any where just comment below, there may be people to reply you where to get them.


1. Mix small quantity of caustic soda in a bowl with 2 liters of water. Aim is to soften the caustic soda. Leave for one hour or for overnight.

2. Mix the Soda ash with 2 liters of water in a different bowl. Aim is to soften the soda ash. Leave for one hour or for overnight.

3. Soften the STPP by mixing with 1.25 liters of water in a third bowl.

4. Soak the Laurel Rice/Rice in another bowl. You should have a total of four bowls.

5. In a different bucket, add sulphonic acid followed by texapon. Mix the Sulphonic acid and the Texapon together until they are well dissolved.

6. You should now have 5 mixtures all in different bowls, bucket. Leave them for 30 minutes so the chemicals dissolve properly.

7. To make our liquid soap, now take a big bucket that can contain 30 litres of water and fill it half of it with clean water

8. Gradually add the Natrozol into the 15 litres of water in the 30 litres bucket. Gently stir

9. As you stir, gradually pour the contents of each small bowls into the big bucket containing Natrozol. Ensure yu pour in contents of the bowls in the order we mixed them. That is bowl A before bowl B then bowl C before bowl D.Never stop stirring.

10. Now pour the content of our first bucket into the big 30 litres bucket. Keep on stirring properly.

11. Next is to add a little quantity of Formalin for preservative, don't let it enters your mouth oh because we come to make money and not to kill oh!

12. Now add colour to our liquid soap mixture, stir, add some perfume. Stir it until the desired texture is reached.

13. Package it in the small containers and send them to the marketers and start making gargantuan amount of money.

Nevertheless, you can send my own package for me by following me, especially for my next article that will be 'Perfume Production in Nigeria'.

Omo, ighi se ego! (Igbo), Bah kudi oh! (?)

I don't understand again oh! But the good news is that you'll start making cool money trampling over COVID-19 economic effect in the world.

Feel free to share and comment your challenge (s)..

Stay safe and thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: UncleIni (via Opera News )

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