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What do you THINK about these funny nose masks? (See photos)

Recently the federal government in an effort to courb the spread of COVID19 pandemic, there was a declaration that everyone will use a nose mask.

Since then there has been different types of nose mask.

So many persons was able to provide nose mask for themselves.

Although the government promise to provide the nose mask for it citizens, but we are yet to see that.

So those were able to buy for themselves have done that.

There are those too who were not able to afford it.

And they have resorted to alternative. Tho looking at it , it may be funny but is not funny.

Please check out this photo

Now looking at this mama here it may be that she was unable to afford one. Hence she resort to use leave instead.

Just as the saying goes that when the desirable is not available the available becomes desirable.

I agree that is not too costly but not everyone can afford it.

I also agree that we want to take responsibility of ourselves especially in the matter of health. But the truth is that government has failed it's subjects in so many ways.

Now take a look at others here

Will you blem them? Never . Instead we try our best to assist others to the best of our ability.

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COVID19 is real always put on your nose mask.

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