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Start your day with this psalm.

It is another brand new day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Thank God alright for the miracle of sleeping and waking up, thank God for keeping you all through the night, thank God for the gift of life and for his goodness and mercies tya endures for ever in Jesus name. 

Psalm 25: 2-6.

1. Unto you do I lift up my soul oh God. 

2. Oh God, I puty trust in you, do not let me be ashamed nor let my enemies rejoice over my defeat. 

3. Do not let anyone who trusts in you be disgraced but let it come to those that transgress without cause. 

4. Shoe me your ways oh lord and point out the way for me to follow. 

5. Lead me oh lord in your trust, for you are God of my salvation. throughout today, I put my trust in you. 

6. Lord please remember your compassion and love you have shown from ages, please let your grace carry me through today in Jesus name. 

As you mediate on this psalm, I want you to understand that bible say that those that seek God early will find him, and so shall it be for you in Jesus name. 


1. The Lord will show me his mercies today in Jesus name. 

2. No weapon formed against me today shall prosper in Jesus name. 

3. My day shall be excellent and prosperous in Jesus name. 

4. I am blessed beyond curse in Jesus name. 

5. I am victorious today, I am bigger than covid-19 forever in Jesus name. 

6. The grace of God will carry me throughout today in Jesus mighty name I have declared, Amen. 

If you believe this prayers, kindly click on the share button and say Amen to it. God bless you abundantly as you share and comment. Amen.

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Am Jesus


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