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Covid-19: This is Why Vaccine Discovery May Not Be For The Best Interest of Africa

There have been hope and jubilation across the world in the light of the announcement of the potential arrival of Covid-19 vaccine. Recently, Russia announced a breakthrough in the development of vaccine, while others are at different stages of development. This good news concerning the development of Covid-19 which would see the Pandemic is appealing to the mind, but Africans should not be too quick to celebrate these western vaccines as they could be another instrument of operation and exploitation. This is not an attempt to say that Africa and Africans should not accept the vaccine, but the emphatically state that an African developed vaccine would have been much better.

For the fact that Africa had no input in the development of these vaccines, coupled with the fact that there will be high demand of them by the various country affected by Covid-19, Africa may be forced to pay more than necessary before they can have access to these vaccines. These vaccines could be instruments of exploitation which is why Africans should not be too quick to celebrate. If we don't have our own vaccine, then we will have not option than to depend on others for supply. And for the fact we rely on others and has nothing to give in return, we may be forced to purchase at whatever price they deem fit. This is Why we should look inward and come up with our own solution that will be tailored to meet with our health budget. If for instance, our government have to pay for these vaccines, it simply means our spending on infrastructures and other sectors of the economy may be reduced. But if we have our own locally made vaccines or drugs, they will be more affordable and easily accessible.

At this point, what we should focus on is how to develop our own vaccines that will not only be effective against Covid-19, but also affordable. It is only when these vaccines are affordable that our governments will be able to purchase what is enough to serve the citizens. But with western countries developing these vaccines and selling them to us for use, we will be surreptitiously moving our funds to the west in the name of purchasing vaccines, while there are limited resources to meet up with the needs of Africa and Africans. As a result of this, Africans should not be happy about the discovery of these vaccines considering the economic implications it's going to have on Africa's development. We should only be happy when we discover our own vaccines that we can equally sale to others and generate revenue. Not to celebrate what may be used to exploit us financially.

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