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Mr. Ibu and Mr. P Should Share The Same Views Before They Cause Problem In Nigeria (opinion)

In a time like this, when the world is facing a battle with a dangerous disease, know as covid-19. Our Nigeria celebrities are making the existence of covid-19 unbelievable for an average Nigerian. Based on my finding, 70% of Nigeria citizens don’t believe that covid-19 is real. That why our celebrities should be the ones to enlighten us about this deadly disease because they are more exposed than an average Nigerian. 

Recently John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu, a man with high reputation came on air to say that there is nothing like covid-19, giving a false theory about this disease that has affected civilised country like America, China, England, Germany. He said that covid-19 does not exist in Nigeria, covid-19 or 20 cannot survive in hot weather. He also added only Nigerians in diaspora's will to partake in this devilish program.

In other hand Peter Okoye, popular musician knows as Mr p, revealed some weeks ago, how his household tested positive for coronavirus and became negative after 3 weeks of successful treatment. He posted this on Instagram page to alert Nigerians that covid-19 is real and should adhere to instruction of NDDC and also practice all preventive procedure to reduce the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria. Which generated a lot of positive and negative reaction from his fans.

Now the question is, who should we believed Mr. Ibu or Mr. P? Why we two public figures gave us different views on covid-19 relative issue.

My opinion, our celebrities should come together and unite and stop giving us a different perspective related on this issue of covid-19. Because many Nigeria look up to them as their mentor and will believe in whatever they said without confirming the authenticity of the matter. And Mr. Ibu should desist from giving false theories about this covid-19.

Seeing the devastating effect of covid-19 has caused to the world. You don’t a prophet to tell you that Covid-19 is real.

In conclusion, Mr IBU should stop propagating false information about this covid-19 before things get out hand. 

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