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Doctor Surprises Kids After Not Seeing Them For 4 Weeks

Being a frontline healthcare provider during a pandemic is can be a daunting experience for the family members. These healthcare providers risk their lives in an attempt to save others. The recent pandemic, COVID 19 saw a lot of frontline healthcare workers living away from their family for several weeks, one such being Dr. Pete Olson an ER doctor.

Dr. Pete Olson is the Vice President of Medical Affairs at a hospital in Minnesota and a father of two. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke, he was already spending most of his time in the hospital. He and his wife Angela decided that it was best for him as well as for the family that he moves out temporarily and lives closer to work.

It had been nearly four weeks since Pete had seen his children. When he got the much-deserved break from work, he rushed to his home in Duluth to spend time with his wife and children. His unsuspecting daughter was playing her ukulele when he surprised her. Ella rushes to her father and threw her arms around him. The touching moment was captured by Angela.

Ella’s little brother Sam was on his bed when she shared the good news. The seven-year old’s face lit up as he saw his dad, and welcomed him with big hugs. Pete was emotional as his decision to temporarily leave home was due to Sam, who has Down syndrome. God blesses Pete with the much-needed break to melt away the tough weeks he faced, and Pete cherished every moment of it.

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