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All Private School Teachers Should Be Paid N25,000 Monthly, From Monday, July 20, 2020 (OPINION)

All Private School Teachers Should Be Paid N25,000 Monthly, From Monday, 20th July 2020 (OPINION)

The private teachers are really going through a lot at this time especially those who don't have any other means of livelihood.

The lockdown imposed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to check the spread of the coronavirus has really bitten down on every sector in the country and the educational sector was not spared as well.

Many people have found it difficult to cope with life even more than others since the shutdown of operations and the closing of schools around the country, the quality of living has deteriorated and they are genuinely struggling to make it happen.

With this, the private school teachers are the ones who have to bear most of the burnt, as they've been at home for almost 4 months now with no salary and no other source of making money.

This has led to the state whereby most of them now pick up mental jobs like, teaching children at home, gathering kindergarten students and primary school students to give them extra lessons at home. Most of them do this just to sustain their family and themselves.

In my opinion, I think the government should have mercy on them and pay them a token of N25,000. This would go a long way to help them take care of themselves and their families also with any other little jobs they do to make money.

Instead of empowering the youths only, they should also remember that the private school workers don't have an external funding source and most school owners didn't pay their workers since the closure of schools.

Even the private school owners who don't have any other source of income should be considered.

They should also be paid N25,000 together with the teachers.

The government of Nigeria should also put them into consideration.

It's really a hard time for private teachers, you see some of them begging online without shame.

That means they can't take it anymore..

Please President Buhari, I hope you render help to them by proceeding to make payments to them monthly until the lockdown is over and school resumes.

Thank you

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