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OPINION: Govt Should Pay Private Schools Salaries, For Their Effort In The Fight Against Covid19

Federal Government of Nigeria has abandoned the private school systems, as they have not received salaries, for the past 4 months after helping in the fight against Corona virus, as they agree with Federal Government to shut down there individual schools, while the fight against Corona virus continued.

Private school system went down, during the lockdown to support the government, in the fight against Corona virus. This has affected the school system for good months, within this period none of the staff of these private schools have received any salaries as these people go in search of menial jobs in order to survive.

Though our Government, is working very hard to ensure that they contain the Corona virus, but their efforts will not be recognised, if the private school system is ignored completely, their staff should be recognised by federal and state governments, as they are doing enough to earn their recognition, because majority of the schools, we have in Nigeria are private schools. I wouldn't say they are doing better than public schools but one would argue, who is better among the private and the public schools, that we have in federal Republic of Nigeria.

The federal and state governments should make haste in taking decisions regarding salaries of this private school working, that is at the verge of collapse as a result of the lockdown due to Corona virus, which has become a global pandemic.

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