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Opinion: Stop checking for covid-19 updates and move on with life.

As hard as it might sound, it's the bitter truth Corona virus has come to stay and won't be leaving anytime soon. This pandemic which surfaced in Nigeria early March, has spread rapidly over almost all the states, in the country and it has affected so many lives. I pray, that this article reaches so many people because I want to change the mindset some people are having currently. Please do read till the end. The covid 19 virus, is no longer a new thing and I appreciate the measures federal government has take to provide a safer lifestyle for Nigerians. But we should stop checking the updates and accept the fact that as long as people still live on this part of the earth, this virus will keep spreading and even if a cure is found today, it won't get to everyone today. Students especially, you've been checking the web everyday for news of school resumption, but ever since nothing positive as happened. I am not telling you to stop, but it's high time you realized what is going on and accept it.This pandemic has affected our lives in general, and it will continue to if we don't change our mindset towards it.the rate at which we constantly check for that good news, is on the increase day by day. But if nothing positive is coming out , I would advise we just have to move on. As a student you might be asking yourself that other than going to school, is there anything else I can do or anything I can be good at. Yes, there are many things that you can do and as the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day" being good at something takes time, perseverance and patience. You have needs and no one is going to provide everything you need. You can use any of this mediums to make some cash, instead of going into online fraud, Hardwork pays.

1, learning a trade.2, Becoming a writer.3, Website Designing.4, Providing Online cleaning services.5, Becoming an online marketer.

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