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Recall that lady who sells fish in the University? See what she bought to celebrate her NYSC POP

If you could remember that some weeks ago, a story of a pretty lady who sells smoked fish to sponsor herself to the university was viral, as people reacted to what she chose to do to make money and praised her for it, because she is not into anything illegal that could tarnish her image.

Paschaline Bernard Ifeoma, the pretty lady who sells fish, bought a brand new car to celebrate herself passing out of NYSC.

She said when she was serving as a corper, a lot of people started asking her if she was a corper or she does something else to finance herself. Ifeoma said during the Coronavirus pandemic and while she was serving, instead of her to be waiting for the #33,000 monthly allowance corpers do receive from the Federal Government and be begging for food from her colleagues, she made it known that she was the one giving out and feeding people from the money she realised.

While revealing the kind of business she do, she made it known that she is a farmer, a fish seller, an admin and a film maker.

Scroll down to see the pictures of the car she just bought for her NYSC passing out.

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