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Forget About Covid-19, Checkout This Funny Jokes And 20 Hilarious Pictures

1- Lucky Dube once said "There will be no schools anymore" we thought it was weed, but now see what is happening.

2- I withdrew 20k yesterday and decided to feel like a big boy and I stood at one corner of my room and started spraying the money into the air, two days have passed am still looking for my 1k.

3- When you come back home late at night and you see your mother standing in a with a wide smile on her face, just go and call your neighbors to come and help you beg her.

4- Only in my country that you will go to the evil forest and be seeing cassava farm and pure water sachet on the ground, so the spirits do farm, get tired and drink pure water?

5- If you are calling a girl and she is not picking, just buy airtime snap it and cover two numbers at each end and send it to her then wait for her call.

6- Only in my country that you will pray before a meeting and the meeting will end up in lies, fighting, insults. At the end they will be saying thank God for a successful meeting.

7- Boys every day is not clubbing with your girlfriend, sometimes take her to a vigil and see if your girlfriend might turn to a snake or lizard.

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