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Parents Who Can Afford to Send Their Children's Teachers a Token, Please Do This Without Hesitation.

This is actually my Opinion.

Considering what is really happening in the world and how Coronavirus has dealt with things in the world, including Humans who died in their thousands In different parts of the world, including in African and Nigeria as the death toll has risen to eight hundred plus death. Many businesses and Organisations werw shut down, during the Lockdown as many workers were laid off their job because the excuse was on the level that there's no money to pay their salary.

Churches, Mosque and Schools were not left behind In the Lockdown, though it affected schools and churches as they are still on Lockdown till date because there are the possible places where this virus can spread fast, so that's why the federal government of Nigeria has insisted that that they remain in lock and key until further notice. Though many are of the opinion that churches, mosques and schools should be allowed to reopen.

Teachers are badly affected In the whole issue, and they are the ones that should be mostly cherished and taken care of, because what you and I are today is as a result of their impact on us, but they are not neglected when it comes to payment and other enumeration which is due for them and it pains me so much.

Those public school teachers on the government pay roll will not border much, because the government at the end of the month pays them their salary, but have you considered those Teachers In private schools that stopped receiving their salary immediately the Lockdown started, and this is roughly four months of non payment of salary, this is really too much on them and they should be helped.

Just yesterday, a teacher cried out for help in a social media platform, seeking for help because he doesn't have money any longer to eat and take care of his family, thanks to God for some well meaning Nigerians who came to his rescue as many donated different items for him, and being a good man, he didn't eat dine alone, he shared the palliatives to all his colleagues in the school and promise to share to his neighboring school as long as palliatives keeps coming.

Many people are really hungry, some are dying of hunger, you have money today, you are working in a better place, your children are very sound academically, but I am telling you that, that teacher that taught you or your children is dying of hunger, some are too ashamed to speak up, while are really asking for help In the wrong place, please help a teacher today.

I graduated three years ago from the University, but since this Lockdown, my lecturers have been in a constant communication with me, seeking for one help or the other because according to them, they salaries are not coming as usual. I think and suggest that there should be a campaign on #HelpATeacherToday. And let us all make it viral so that the government will see the need to always pay them their salaries as at when due, and those who are under private school most especially should be helped because they are in deep need.

No matter how small, help any Teacher you know because many are really hungry. Not just teachers, many people are hungry in nd around us, let us try In our little ways, to be a helping hand to someone today, and as you do this, God Almighty who is in heaven will reward and bless you abundantly In Jesus name. Amen.

What is your say on this, kindly Leave a comment In the comment section below and tell us what you feel about this, and again please share this post, so that it will get to as many as possible, including to those in authorities so that they will understand the plight of teachers. Pleas if you have not been following me up, kindly follow up by pressing the red button on the top side of your right hand and follow up for more updates.

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