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Reactions as school closed was turned into a poultry house

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world in an unexpected way in recents and many things have been affected adversely by the world current global pandemic, the novel, coronavirus ailment, Covid-19.

However, many practices have been restricted and many places have been closed. Examples includes clubs, schools, worshipping centers and so on.

The effects of the closure have had many detriments effects on the economic, social and spiritual well-being of many individuals in Nigeria. Many have lost their jobs, people are restricted to praying at their respective houses, partying in clubs is a no-go-area.

Fortunately, the restriction measures were being eased gradually like reopening of worshipping places, market places but educational institutions have not being considered because of its impending risks.

However, there has been an uproar over a picture seen on the internet in which a classroon in one of the schools closed, due to its closure as one of the measures put in place to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 diseases has incredibly turned into a poultry house.

I think the management of our various school should ensure that the security personnels employed are of high standard in order to see over the welfare of most school especially in this time

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