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How 47 Women Got Pregnant in two Months Through Prayer Group

She is blessed with a touch of gold. Praying for people and making them overcome their problems have really endeared her to so many. Alhaja MISTURA OSENI-AKINTUNDE is a force to reckon with and a beauty to behold.

She is a Nigerian, based in Australia, Wolii Ayinke as she is fondly called is a God sent to people. The troubled heart, the womb that has cried for fruits and many more are witnesses of the good work God has done in their lives through this great woman from the lively town, Ikirun in Osun State Nigeria. Her ministry DANDAN LẸ̀RÍ on Instagram page @missymoremoney is an avenue where many have gotten their salvation.

We had some great time with her, and this is what we have brought to you. Excerpt


My name is Mistura Oseni-Akintunde Taiwo. I am from Ikirun in Osun state Nigeria, but I am based in Sidney, Australia. My father is the grand-mufti of Yoruba Land, Sheik Hamzat Oseni A-duak. I am grateful to God for the gift He has given me to liberate people and put smiles on the faces of those who seek God for the fruit of the womb and many other problems that humans are confronted with. God has used me in many ways to perform wonders in people’s lives, and this call could be dated back to when I was a little kid, but I took it upon myself in 2018 as a serious call and a means of solving people’s problem and my God has been very wonderful.


I have an Instagram handles, missymoremoney, a prayer group and an avenue where people follow me. On the platform, we organize prayer everyday, people are also opportune to call in and seek for prayers and other things bothering them. The prayer session comes up at 2pm Australian time and 5am Nigeria time everyday.

This has been on for like two years, its an online prayer group on Instagram. Part of our quest on the platform is to give advice on marital issues and prayers. Our prayer group is known as Dandan leri Prayer Mountain, in the last two years, people have always come with great testimonies and this has kept us going and growing in the Lord.

We have a name and a slogan, Dandan leri (Testimony is certain) and the chorus is eri ni kiakia, this means, instant testimony. Our belief is, testimony should not take long before its manifestation, once we pray, we believe our prayer would be answered immediately. It has worked for us and that is why we would continue to praise His name.


I became popular on Instagram due to the great testimonies those who seek for the fruit of the womb shared when their prayer is being answered. In 2019, within 2 months, we had a record of 47 women that got pregnant via our prayer ministry on Instagram. So many wonders. On our platform we have people of humble background that God has transformed to great men and women.


When a woman is called by God, such call happens to be more formidable than that of a man, this is as a result of the power of conception God has bestowed on women. The prospect of having more women in the house of the Lord is high.


My birth is quite different from that of my siblings. We were 25 children in the family, my mother had 10 children, nine females and one male. Despite the large numbers that we were in the family, my birth was quite different from others. Right from my childhood, whatever I said always come to pass, but I never took the special gift serious. I was even confused at a time, I never knew what I could call myself or how to go about with the call, because I was born a Muslim, I didn't even know how to launch the great gift God has given me.

Meanwhile, that call in me would not let me be and gradually things started taking its shape and here we are today.


Through prayers God has really blessed so many people in our group, people who live in abroad without documents, those that want to travel, the barren, those seeking for the right suitors, people that want success in their businesses; these and many more have been taken care of by God as we pray together everyday at dandan leri prayer mountain on Instagram.

Our Instagram handle is @missymoremoney; we pray together everyday Nigerian time 5am and Australian time 2pm. Our group includes everybody, irrespective of religious belief, what we do is we pray, we fast and offer alms to the needy for our prayers to be answered on time.  


Destiny is what we chose right from heaven, its what we have unconsciously chosen to become in life during conception. Human chose what he/she will become at the age of four months old or more in the womb.

Negligent is the root cause of what one caused himself in life. Meanwhile Negligent is also encapsulated in destiny because it would have been destined that at a certain period something would happen.

Destiny and Negligent are two different things but whatever happens to a man as his negligent has been written in his destiny.

For example, a woman that was destined not to have a child might out of her negligent had an abortion and this could lead to her inability to have the fruit of the womb afterwards. Prayers play an important role in human’s life, no matter the condition, let’s always seek God and our life shall be free of troubles and war.


We are on the mountain for 7 days praying against war of the blood. Today, many are confronted with war of the blood as inherited from their parents, marriage, and other connecting factors.

Some people that chose a good destiny were affected based on the shortcomings of their parents; remember God said He would take vengeance from generation to generation.

The key point here is there is no war one cannot overcome with prayers. Remember the story of Jabez in the bible, God lifted her and the once condemned child became a glorious child, that is the power of prayer. She sought for God’s intervention and she was delivered.

Whatever war a man is confronted with, God the warrior, the conqueror will defeat it, but we must be ready to pray and seek for His help. If you are fortunate to meet someone that has anointing power of God, you will surely win whatever war that you are confronted with.


Our prayer group on Instagram, Adura Mi Gba Prayer Group, we have people everywhere in the world, America, Nigeria, Asia; Europe. We meet on Instagram and observe prayers.

I have met some physically, they have come on a visit to see me and I have planned to be in America if God permits me this year. We have over 400 members that we pray together everyday.


God is a wonderful Creator that has the knowledge of all things. This pandemic has made many people lost their lives, it has made many become rich and made the rich unable to access the best for themselves.

Many are out their doing their businesses and aren’t infected while some that were full of precautions somehow got infected. This is God working!

A virus that made mother not to touch her infected child, a pandemic that many do not want its end because of the money they are making. It has also made those that would always go for medical check up unable to go overseas despite their money and affluence.

The pandemic is another way for us to be conscious of God and His magnificent ways.

We have experienced different epidemics, cholera, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Ebola, Lassa fever and what have you. This pandemic is a warming to all humans that God exist and He is the giver and taker of lives.

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