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Opinion: Government Should Increase The Number of Prospective N-power Volunteers, for These Reasons

As the process of taking in the new volunteers into the N-power programme has exposed the rate of which the unemployment is increasing in Nigeria, it needs to be critically looked into.

The N-power programme is not supposed to have applicants as it has it now, because it is an empowerment. But the situation of the country has made people to take it as an alternative to poverty.

Compare to previous batches, batch A and batch B, the applicants for batch C alone has outnumbered the total number of applicants for the previous batches.

Therefore, the government has to look into this and try to increase the number of the applicants to be selected from four hundred thousands (400,000) beneficiaries to one million (1000,000) beneficiaries in order to engage more people out of the applicants.

If the number of beneficiaries is increased, it will reduced the unemployment that covid19 has caused in the country. This will enable many to have something to rely on after been disengaged from their previous working place. Most especially, those that were working with private organizations will have advantage to be selected.

Also, if the number of beneficiaries is increased, it will make Nigeria to have more manpower in every sector, the beneficiaries are posted. As in education, the role of the previous N-power beneficiaries cannot be over looked, their existence assisted in the schools. Many subjects that have no teachers to take, were been taken by N-power cadets. They rescued many students from being lagged behind in their subjects.

Finally, the increment of N-power beneficiaries will drastically reduce the number of anti societal act, such as stealing, rapping, robbery and so on.

If the large number of the millions of applicants is not chosen, they might lose hope in the government and the country as a whole and decided to go into anything, that they think will fetch them money and such might be illegal.

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