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Lessons Everyone must Learn from the Corona Virus Pandemic

The corona virus pandemic has indeed various lessons in stock to dish out to everyone, whether rich or poor, child or adult. These lessons can be seen in the effects the pandemic has on individuals, corporations and various sectors. One of the effects is the lock down of industries which resulted in mass loss of jobs. There is also the ban of international movements, which lead to suspension of trades. Another is the suspension of school activities which has made many teachers to be unpaid for months. All these unfortunate circumstances have lessons to teach us. Let's see them:

1. Always have savings: If you are the type that always spend all your earnings, then this period has certainly taught you a lesson- that you must learn to control your spending habit. If you had no money in your account and depend entirely on your paycheck, then you would certainly be starving during this hard times.

2. Before this corona virus pandemic began, some people do not know that they are supposed to wash their hands regularly, at least before/after meals, after using the toilet and upon returning home after the day's activities. But now, with the aggressive publicity on the necessity of washing of hands, many now wash their hands regularly and practice good hygiene. If you do not comply accordingly, you have yourself to blame.

3. Do not depend entirely on one source of income: Not depending on one source of income is a very good practice. It helps in stabilizing a person financially. If one has a business going on and still works to get paid, now that almost all works are suspended, one would still live on the profits gotten from the business.

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Corona Virus Pandemic


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