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The Beginning of the End of Coronavirus?

To say coronavirus pandemic has totally changed how we live is not an exaggeration. It is in fact a modest description. Who would have thought the whole world would be locked down back in January? Who would have thought students would have to stay home for 5 months? Who would have thought the health system of even the best countries would look helpless in the face of a virus in 2020? Definitely, no one. We just have to stop with the ‘who would have thought series’ otherwise we would write a book of who would have thought. 

Science is doing all it can while we pray as much as we can. In this fight, the tiniest of victories deserves a mention. On Saturday July 18, NCDC reported on its official website that no new cases was reported in the last 24 hours. Wow!

Frankly, we cannot read any substantial meaning to this yet but who wouldn’t pray it is the beginning of the end of this deadly virus in Nigeria and all over the world. 2020 already seems like 5 years in one; it’s been tiring. We would take the chance this is the beginning of a new day with both hands. 

As this battle continues, please continue stay safe.

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