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Latest:Doctors/Scientists Said You Could Catch Corona Virus again.

2020 has been a harsh year due to corona virus pandemic, everything have stopped, plenty of workers have lost their jobs, while some business men have lost their capital.

Doctors/scientists said you can catch corona virus twice. A new study of people who have caught and recovered from corona virus raises the prospect that immunity to the virus may be short lived.

Doctors/scientists found that level of antibodies faded over a three month period. A new three month study shows antibody levels in Covid 19 patience decreases overtime. It's all to do with how "forgettable" a virus is.

How long our immune system remember infections varies a lot for example, measles is really memorable so we can get lifelong immunity from one exposure.

So what about corona virus. Covid 19 hasn't been around long enough to know for sure how long our body keep a record of it. But this study suggest our immune systems may start to forget it.

Undastanding immunity is really important, it affect how deadly the virus is, help us understand who is at risk and impact vaccine development.

If you have anti bodies you can still transmit the virus, while you might be protected by anti bodies. It doesn't mean you cannot still harbour the virus and pass it onto other. This may have a big impact an how the world copes with the virus in future.

This is also why the World Health Organisation is nervous about countries using immunity passports as a way out of lock down.

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