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OPINION:Things To Watchout For Before Going To Football Viewing center During This Pandemics

As we all know 95% of Nigeria men loves to watch football matches in the viewing center even when they have subcription on their GO TV and DSTV because that one of the things that keeps the brotherhood lively.

Football have been the only thing that keep us all together even religion can't give us that kind of joy and love. Have visited many football viewing centers during this corona virus pandemic but most of them have been after the money we paid them and not our health.

What should be their no.1 priority is our safety first,what am trying to say in essence is,all viewing centers should comply with all laid down protocols given by the NCDC to ensure safety of the society.

Imagine a family man with 3 to 4 children contacted COVID-19 in the viewing center that fails to put all things in place, this will put all the lives of the family members in danger and spread among the neighbors and visitors.

Therefore we all need to check all this attributes before putting our family lives in danger because of ninety minute enjoyment.

Things to check out for watching football matches in public places during this pandemic:

1.Check Wether the Viewing center has alcohol hand based sanitizer:

2.Avoid overcrowded viewing centers

3.Check if there is add hand washing basins or a plastic where one can wash hands before entering

4.Check the sitting arrangement

5.Ask the management if they compulsory the use of Nose/Face mask

If any of these aforementioned is not put in place, especially hand sanitizer and nose mask, kindly leave the viewing center because COVID-19 is real and deadly

Your safety should be there priority.

Together we can fight COVID-19

Content created and supplied by: Olamigaju (via Opera News )

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