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Woman dies in Ekiti pubic transport: was it COVID-19 complications?(opinion)

Wonders they say shall never end. An unidentified woman on Wednesday, the 15th of July 2020 dropped dead in a public vehicle which she had boarded.

She had boarded a vehicle from Ado-Ekiti to her destination before the tragedy occurred. Her fellow passengers reported that the woman was quite alright,and outwardly very healthy. According to the passengers,she was even talking with the next passenger beside her.

When the driver noticed the complications as the passengers were screaming,he halted the vehicle as they all tried to save the woman.

Unfortunately she died before any positive help could be rendered. Meanwhile according to the NCDC directives,a physical healthy person might have COVID-19.

The signs and symptoms exhibited by the dead virus sometimes isn't constant. It varies in persons. A healthy woman dropped dead in a few minutes of complications. Do we still need any evidence on the existence of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

COVID-19 shows an unrealistic complications which is amongst the basic reasons most people are dying from it, especially old people.

Having a healthy body, walking confidently and talking frequently does not guarantee a stable health. I never said the unidentified woman had COVID-19,but her death is actually a suspicious one as it suprises people.

Keep to the safety measures implemented by the NCDC and be safe. Not every healthy look depicts a healthy life. Keep to Social distance, suppose the woman was to be confirmed positive for COVID-19,you can see that the some passengers will be affected if not all. Therefore anywhere you see someone exhibiting certain signs and symptoms,don't personally take up the issue,you are not a doctor and if you were,it is illegal to reach out to someone with unidentified complications without wearing safety apparatus.

Most especially,get tested. Don't wait till you are able to identify every symptoms. Whenever you feel unlikely signs in your body, don't neglect it.

However,the woman was deposited in the morgue as the Ekiti state Police public relations officer, DSP Abutu Sunday explained. He also confirmed that the woman was without a phone or any contact details for her family to be traced, meanwhile her body still lies in the morgue in Ekiti state waiting for a show up by any of her relatives or family.

According to DSP Abutu, investigation is still on and there was no foul play identified against the driver though he is still in their custody for proper verification and thorough investigation.

And to all Nigerian,I say,stay safe and maintain the measures implemented by the NCDC.

Take to the comment section below to err your views and opinions on this issue. Also write a short tribute to this unidentified woman. Also share to others, information is power, therefore sharing this information can help the family members or relatives to identify the deceased. Follow for more updates. We give authentic and credible informations. Fake news is not acceptable.

# Nigerians stay safe

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