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Nigerian Students Must Take a Stand As Regards The Resumption Of Schools

I am calling on the STUDENTS UNION GOVERNMENT of various Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Universities, the never intimidated/Courageous Students at individual level, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of NIGERIAN STUDENTS at large, the ACADEMIC AND NON ACADEMIC STAFF UNION OF UNIVERSITIES and the NATIONAL UNIVERSITIES COMMISSION. It's time we commence the struggle on various platforms such as the media; the Internet, Radio, Television, Newspapers... It's time the Government shuns matters of less importance and benefit to students of Nigeria and commence the process of putting safe measures in place to prepare final year students from primary to secondary and tertiary institutions for their final tests and writing of their final exams. Most importantly the nation wide opening of our schools.

Our markets are one of our most populated places, but many have been opened.

Many countries with higher rates of Covid-19 recorded cases and deaths have taken safe steps to open their schools. Take a televised glance at America.

Elections will soon kick off in some states and students are yet to round up a commenced semester/academic session !!Many private and public (primary and secondary) schools in Oyo State, South West Nigeria and a few other Geo Political Zones in Nigeria have opened and they're doing just fine.

It's time we start giving attention to what is of great importance to us,

It's time we give our best to our course of study.

We are here for Nigeria

Stop the political movie and open our Schools, 

Close the political prison and set Students free.

No to Intimidation of Nigerian Students

No to Gambling with our Future 

Please like and share to several student/school groups.

Follow up for more updates

God bless you all

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