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Top 5 Jobs that will earn you money during this lockdown.

Hi guys welcome back to my blog, today am going to show you top 5 Jobs that can earn you a lot of money during this lockdown.

Let get started.


Barbing is one thing jobs that can fetch you a lot of money during this lockdown.

4)Home Tutor: Home tutor, popularly known as home lesson, is another simple way you can earn money during this lockdown. Most parents want the best for their children by sending them to school, but in times like this, school are closed, and most parents are now finding alternative just to make sure their children don't lack back in their education life. You can offer a home tutor service to many parents, but only few will reject, because they want the best for their children, they may not speak up to you or ask you, but most parents need.

3) Online surfer: Online surfer or job is another way you can earn money online. Online job include getting paid for watching videos, click on ads and many more. You can earn as much as possible in a week. Website that pays for Clicking on links available in my telegram group, including Videos, post on how to earn money online and to ask questions. Link

2) Blogger:

The Coronavirus pandemic has kept many people at home and they still want to connect to the world to know what is going on. Being a blogger is another way that can fetch you money during this lockdown. You don't need a programming skills before you can be a blogger, there are apps that you can blog with for free eg WordPress or wix.

1) YouTuber:

People love to be entertained or updated especially in times like this. You can make a lovely, upload it on YouTube, the more the views you have, the more you get paid.

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