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Covid-19: If Airlines can operate, schools can open (Opinion)

There has been lots of controversies surrounding the reopening of educational institutions in Nigeria. If we can recollect, all educational institutions in Nigeria has been placed on lock and keys since the out break of COVID-19 in Nigeria few months back.

Lots of educational stake holders has come out to voice there opinion about the continued locks of educational institution in the country and the impact it may have on the children.

In some cases, some Nigerian parents had said the continuous lock of these educational institution will increase the rates of unwanted pregnancy and involvement of these young ward in what's not.

The Nigerian airports opened up for domestic flights on the 8th, 11th and 15th of July, 2020 and some parents are already saying if airports can open up, so should schools. But let's look at it deeply.

The level at which an adult can be controlled is minimal to that of a child's. Adults needs lesser supervision compared to children. Lets say those in the private institution can take care of their wards, what about those pupils in the public institution? The best thing Nigerian government can work on is to ensure e-learning reaches the height it ought to.

This is my opinion on this matter, use the comment button to tell us what you may feel about this.

God bless Nigeria

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