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Bishop David Oyedepo under fire for Ignoring Govt Ban on religious gatherings

Religious administrator David Oyedepo, the General Supervisor of Living Faith Church, has gone under assault for holding Sunday administration at the congregation's headquarters in Ota Ogun State.

It was accounted for before that in spite of the banned put on open social occasions, Oyedepo held administrations at his congregation in cannaland.

The priest had in the administration which had many admirers said the coronavirus can't stop God's believers.

As indicated by him, "Just the help of God can spare Nigeria and Africa from this Pandemic."

He, be that as it may, guaranteed his members that the cure of the destructive virus will be out this week and countries will cheer once more.

Responding, a few Nigerians via social media criticised the minister for evading the governement's mandate.

Here are a few remarks accumulated web based life:

@Adaji100, "Even my own congregation church winners chapter. I'm so extremely disappointed in OYEDEPO. I have never scrutinized him for a long time of been a winner however today he messed up. He shut his congregation in America but since we don't have a screwing practical government he opened the congregation."

@firstiewilliams, "The same Oyedepo whose blessing couldn't heal his wife, she had to be flown abroad for appropriate treatment that kept going months is the one get-together thousands under a similar rooftop to instruct them what he doesn't know.He's not my concern, my concern are the Sheeples sitted there."

@destayo67, "When oyedepo's wife was sick with life threatening disease, he took her to a standout amongst other clinical hospital in USA where she got treatment for close to 12 months. With respect to you the congregation part who moronically went to chapel today. You are all alone."

@Asaalor, "Priest Oyedepo is exceptionally off-base to state that closing the church resembles closing the hospital. That is a falsehood instituted to hoodwink his gathering. I can supplicate at home, or anyplace else, it's not same like the hospital where you should be to get treatment! I feel sorry for the individuals that trust him."

@puremind, "If Ogun state Government has set a prohibition on open social occasions and what occurred at winner chapel in Canaan land still occurred, at that point pastor Oyedepo should confront the total rage of the law.You are not exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else sir, that is an awful activity."

@praisegeorgre, "Let us name and disgrace the pastor who held community gatherings today despite the govt order, pastors who are more keen on securing their kingdom than ensuring their followers safety.David Oyedepo, disgrace on you for putting lives in danger."

@Bagofnuts, "I'm most dissapointed in Oyedepo and winner as whole sha. You realize you have ostensibly the biggest gathering in the nation, you despite everything proceed to hold congregation in mass. One Contaminated individual strides into any of those administrations and Covid 19 spreads a long ways past control in the nation."

@Drolufunmilayo, "At this moment, Nigeria simply affirmed 4 new cases. The all out cases is presently 26 "formally". No one recognizes what informal figures are.Right now, CanaanLand is running a full faith gathering in their assembly hall. A huge number of individuals present.We are An Exceptionally Frantic Nation."

@holy_spireet, "See individuals taking a chance with their lives all since they need to go to chapel. They all need to plunk down with far off. Oyedepo that couldn't utilize his anointing to heal his wife. Awon werey."

@Kimbakare900, "Oyedepo is quick turning into a revolutionary and a foul conundrum that pple shouldn't imitate. Govt should act definitively and bring home down to the space of the earth from his sad statures of double dealing and profanity that he has forced of his status."

@Dolusegun, "winner chapel isn't just open yet stuffed to limit. These Pastors are untouchable and the government appears to be frail since they hold the whip that controls their believers."

@speaks_truth, "If any semblance of #Oyedepo,other alleged righteous men (not GOD), some Nigerian places of worship and pioneers had their ways, they would have marked these social segregation isolation measures for coronavirus as #Islamisation.Tiny power dem no get!Small #Corona, every one of them PRESS MUTE!!Yeye individuals."

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