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The Side Effect Of Covid-19 To School Children: Classrooms Were Used As Poultry Farm.

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The nova corona has caused a lot of things in our lives. Everything has to be paused due to the pandemics. It has affect many people globally. Now that everything is not going as expected, some people decide to make a better use of the children classes. This is mainly for their business purposes. Because nobody will give a penny to the students that are suppose to be learning in the class.

Children have to stay at home forgetting all that they have been taught in school. But the poultry rearers are busy taking advantage of it.

Do you really think that the decision of making the classroom a poultry farm is right?

Don't forget that there are diseases of animals that can be passed to man. So all the classrooms must be properly treated before school resume. But do you actually think that the person using the classes will do so?

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