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Does Coronavirus live on the surfaces of smart phones?

Does Corona virus live on the surfaces of smart phones?

The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that it is theoretically possible for the Coronavirus to live on phone surfaces and to be transmitted between people. , Depending on the environment and the type of surface.

Despite evidence of the virus remaining on certain surfaces, there are no specific studies that have proven its transmission directly by touching surfaces, according to "ABC news".

"This is not the primary source of virus transmission, but we have to reduce all possible sources, just as we recommend washing your hands, we can ask," said Dr. Simon Wilds, an infectious disease doctor in South Shore Health in New York and a contributor to the ABC medical unit. People clean up their phones. "

“Because of how closely we are connected to our phones and frequent use throughout the day, we have to be vigilant about cleaning it to reduce the spread of the Corona virus,” Wilds added.

"Allowing people to touch your phone increases its contamination, and if that happens, the biggest danger is putting it on your face," said Dr. David Senemo, an infectious disease specialist at Rutgers University.

In turn, Chan School of Public Health stated that electronics should be cleaned regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions, and that people should wipe high-touch surfaces with a solution containing at least 70% alcohol.

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