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See How The Second-Largest Country In Africa Is Battling Both Covid-19 And Ebola Virus At A Time

As the world battles the corona virus, some countries seem to be on a fighting a double battle.

Formally called Zaire, the Democratic Republic Of Congo is by area the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa.

Located in Central Africa, Congo is the second-largest country in Africa, and 11 largest in the world.

After claiming not less than 2,000 lives, the federal republic of Congo officially announcing that the country was "Ebola-free". Recently, another outbreak of the killer disease has been spotted in the DR Congo’s northwest.

According to health officials, the increase in number of found cases are growing rapidly.

Here are some photos of how the country is battling the virus:

With 54 more cases confirmed on June 1 in Mbandaka(a transport hub in Equateur province), some individuals have been been confirmed dead from suffering the disease.

According to the health reports released by the country's ministry of health on Friday, 22 persons have lost their lives due to the recent outbreak.

Now, Congo is not only fighting against the spread of Covid-19, but have Ebola virus on the loose.

Do you think Nigeria should extend a helping hand to our brothers? 

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