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SCHOOLS ARE RE-OPENING: All Students, Parents and School Owners Must Take Note of These

The federal government of Nigeria has given all school owners in the country up to the 29th of July, 2020 to meet up with certain criteria towards the reopening of schools at a later date.

Mr. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, the Minister of State for Education, made this announcement in Abuja on Friday, 17th of July. He said guidelines have been developed and circulated for the reopening of schools.

He added that parents should be assured that the safety of teachers and students is the government's responsibility, as they are working relentlessly towards the speedy reopening of schools so as to enable exit classes take their external examinations.

Guidelines For Safety in Schools

1. Compulsory and Consistent Washing of Hands:

There must be provision of water and an antiseptic soap for washing of hands at the gate of the school. Everyone coming into the school premises MUST wash their hands before they are allowed to enter.

All classrooms and staff rooms must be provided with water for washing hands as well.

2. Compulsory Application of Hand Sanitizers:

Hand Sanitizers must be made available at the gate and in each classroom and office. Strict measures must be applied to ensure that all students and staff of the school applies the hand sanitizers.

3. Compulsory Wearing of Face Mask or Face Shield:

Without face masks or face shield, one should not be allowed into the school premises. Face masks or shield MUST be worn all through the time spent in the school premises.

4. Provision of Body Temperature Checker:

All schools MUST provide a body temperature checker that must be applied at the entrance of the school. Any one with a high temperature must be asked to return home.

5. No Visitors:

Until the spread of the virus has been contained and the nation declared free from it, no visitor should be allowed into the school premises except in case of emergencies.

6. Regular Washing of Hands:

All pupils and teachers must be made to wash their hands and apply sanitizers after each class.

7. Schools Must Close Earlier Than Usual

Schools may resume by 9am and close latest by 1pm, as only core subjects should be taught. Late comers should be asked to go back immediately.

8. No Breaks or Extracurricular Activities:

Since schools will be closing early, there should be no extracurricular activity, including morning assembly. There should be no break as well, as children are prone to disobey the social distancing order during break time.

9. Coordination of Students During Closing:

All classes should go home one after the other, that is, class by class, to avoid over crowding in the school premises or at the gate. Also there must be substantial amount of distance in sittings and lines.

10. Standby Isolation Facility:

Every school must have a facility designed for isolation, in case a student starts running temperature or develop any symptom associated with corona virus. Provision should be made for tests as well.

I believe if these guidelines are followed strictly, there will be little or no case of corona virus among both teachers and students.

Feel free to add suggestions on how to make schools safer for reopening.

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