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Fans Come to Stadium to Watch P.S.G Friendly Match, despite Behind Close door Law

The French League was Stopped because of the Corona Virus just like every other league was stopped, but after several periods of medical advice and safety precautions being layed, league were to resume football back, but Ligue 1 didn't. The league was Ended by Managing Bodies for reasons best know to them, and P.S.G were Crowned Ligue 1 Champion.

P.S.G who are still in the Champions League will need friendly Matches to keep fit, before the Uefa Champions League resumes. Friendlies were organised for the French giant and they were to obey the law of playing behind close doors, in the absence of fans, so as to dwindle the spread of the Corona Virus.

Their first friendly Match was behind close doors and P.S.G were ruthless as they defeated their opponent 9_0. They played another friendly against wasland Beveren last night, and they were ruthless in front of goal as usual as they won the match 7_0.

There was a lot of positive to pick from the match for P.S.G as their attacking trio of Mbappe, Neymar and Mauro Icardi continued their fine scoring form. Despite the positivity there was an Odd happening.

P.S.G fans were in the Stadium watching and Cheering their team up, despite the behind Close door match laws and despite the ongoing Pandemic which can be spread with ease in a little gathering. This is depicting how we humans can endager our lives just for pleasure, now who is at fault for this act, P.S.G as a Club or the Fans?


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