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Don't Think That What Is Going On Has Anything To Do With a Virus - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Faith comes by hearing God's word. 

And we need Faith a day of fear and panic all around the world. God's people can minister faith to those who don't have it. You have that faith, but you must increase and strengthen it to deal with the issues and crisis of life. 

We won't fast tomorrow and Sunday, but we will fast from Monday. 

What is going on around the world is something we must take very seriously. 

The forces of darkness that we are contending with are very desperate.

We cannot sleep and let them have their way. 

The gospel is too important for us to keep quiet and let them shut the door around us. 

*Don't think that what is going on has anything to do with a virus.* 


The world has chosen to be deceived as they have been deceived many times before.

This is not the first pandemic...but where went the other ones? No one is asking.

Anything that does not exist in nature has got to created by someone. 

It's a war that's been going on for long between the profession and the BUSINESS. 

The medical profession and the MEDICAL BUSINESS are 2 different things. 

Those who makes business of the profession are the ones who create opportunities to make more money. And the Love of Money is the root of all evil. 

Those in the business are beclouding the professionals. The professionals know it is true but don't have the boldness to face the professionals...because the deep state (business) control the beroucrats (professionals). 

There is Nothing to fear. This is just a global siege of the nations. And because we are being orderly and respectful, we obey but we are not stupid. 

Imagine that now in the UK, they are rationing water. Some are rationing eggs, etc. 

These things were foretold in the Bible. ...IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT WITH ANYBODY, FIGHT WITH THE SCRIPTURE. 

A ministers job isn't to engage the politicians or professionals but to tell the truth, pray and hear from God. 

There are different interest groups in the world and it is obvious what they are interested in. 

Do your research and Listen to BOTH SIDES!!!! Not just the side that says 'it is fine'. Get ALL THE INFORMATION.

It is very easy to know what it's all about.

The counter they use for this pandemic never stops. They never deduct the number of people who have been cured.

That's the WHO standard . They also don't state whether the victims had other underlying illnesses like Flu, etc... Once the person dies, they say it is Corona.  The plan is to frighten the people. It's like the Resident Evil life. 

But this is even the season of Flu, but because the whole world is focused on Corona they don't talk about it. 

Fear weakens the immune system. 

Doctors need to speak up. 

China that is the city it came from, they live close together, produce a lot with cheap labor without masks etc, then they have the 5G trials there too. 

It is always the Experts of the WHO that SPREAD fear and panic. From the time of the Swine Flu, Bird flu etc. They make fatal predictions just to keep people on edge.

Lockdown is hilarious, because you cannot lockdown a virus. We are constantly being fooled. Where does the theory come from that the Virus makes us sick? It's just a plot to create vaccinations. 

This should be rectified, but no one does it. 

If as a doctor you speak up, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist or a mad man or your license is revoked. Sad!

Doctors are only learning theoretically. 


Doctors go to the media to say 'we are in despair. We don't have masks and gears anymore' making everyone believe that it is blocking the virus. Crap!!!

The pharmaceutical companies were already producing vaccinations to combat the pandemic (big business) but it's either China was too early or the pharmaceutical companies were 2 months to late with their production.

The New world order has several groups interested in it. (This is what the ANTICHRIST will be pushing and riding on).

They have come up with a brilliant idea: ID2020. The main thrust is VACCINE. (Several groups are also involved in this. In some cases, if you don't study their documents properly , you won't know what they are about). The goal was to do this in the year 2020. 

They had 2 ways to do this.

1. Working through Health.... Set up a Pandemic (Covid-19)

2. Technology : Internet of Things (IOT), to make EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE CONNECTED, TO BE CONNECTED. Outwardly, it looks like a very brilliant idea.... BUT....

they are not just trying to connect your devices, (e.g. connecting your house and your phone etc) ...they say 'everything and anything that can be connected will connected)... They don't tell you that YOUR BODY CAN BE CONNECTED. It is the science behind electromagnetism. 

You become part of the connection of your house and devices but it doesn't stop there. 

This is a great breakthrough in technology BUT once that happens, you can also be controlled as your devices are controlled. Signals can be sent to your brain. This is pure science. 

This is why God said, if anyone takes that mark of the beast, he is lost forever...because you are no longer yourself. 

That's why they plan to start vaccinating children from a certain age. 

They release the virus to create FEAR...and with the Fear, you would be willing to collect the vaccine. 

They also want to use 5G which is 10times as powerful...which is to be sold in such a way that everyone would embrace. 

So they give us a virus to fear and a 5G to embrace. 

Politicians are not doing research, they are just embracing the technology.

They DIDN'T TELL YOU that the Vaccines would be coming with Digital ID. 

Infact they are pulling down some of the articles off the internet and re-editing their previous articles because many people are now researching it

As per covid-19, Saudi Arabia has approved the chloroquine treatment because they know that it works. 

The COVID-19 doesn't kill people. But people are dying because they are being left to die. It is possible to recover from it just like the flu but the business groups don't want you to know that. 

The ID2020 alliance targets poor countries. They are in partnership with Bangladesh. The want to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish DIGITAL IDENTITY. (Identity through numbers. Everyone would have a personal number. You won't even need your passport. It's a number on your body)

They want to track Individuals. They updated their website 26th March. 


Imagine that during this isolation period, THEY ARE SENDING PEOPLE TO LAY 5G FIBRE LINES SECRETLY IN DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. (ignoring the social distancing talk...just to achieve their agenda). Thats why they need everyone inside for weeks so that they can set up effectively. Scientifically, staying indoors is the stupidest thing ever. 

Are these intended to scare you? NO. 

This is NOT God's judgement of the nations. It's just the work of Satan who likes to work ahead of his time 

Revelations 13:15-18

Some old manuscripts came up with the number 616 instead of 666. (Latin version of the name). People even taught Ceasar Nero who persecuted Christians, was the ANTICHRIST. 

It's important to already study project within context. When a prophecy is fulfilled, it is accurate. 

Some Christians would be wrong to assume that this is the era of the Antichrist, or that this is what is supposed to be happening now...but it is not time. That's why everyone should study and pray that things be aligned into God's perfect will. 

The Antichrist may have structures but those structures cannot Lord it over us AT THIS TIME.

THAT'S WHY WE'VE GOT TO SAY NO. Can we really know the Bible and let those things happen to us? NO WAY!!!!

EVEN during the tribulation to come, multitudes will refuse to take the Mark and God will accept them. 

THIS DECEPTION is one of the worst the world has seen. 


We want to make sure that things move in the direction of the spirit. 

We must pray that this evil work of Satan be destroyed completely. 

As we pray, we are using powerful weapons. No one is sheilded from our prayer. 

The church of Jesus Christ is delivered from wicked and unreasonable men. 

Those that desire to create a luciferian society cannot Lord it over us in Jesus name. 

The plan for this evil vaccine of control, we reject it absolutely in Jesus name.

 If we are to allow this...this totalitarianism, What is meant to follow is the greatest persecution of God's people everywhere. 

Imagine the shutting down of churches so far.

Thank God some states have decided that they won't close the churches anymore. 

Imagine that they aren't able to close mosques. 

We are not saying they should close down the mosques but they should open churches as well. .it has been proven that Churches HEAL PEOPLE. A serious nation should do their own research and leave churches alone. 

Dan 12:1-2; 8:24-25. Matt 24:15-21. Rev 13:5-

We cannot keep quiet. 

We can't allow him do this because we know what follows. 

Those hospitals and isolation centres would be turned into prison camps by the ANTICHRIST. They would give Christians a chance to renounce Christ before they kill them. 

Pray with all the faith and wisdom you have. 


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Chris Oyakhilome Faith Love of UK


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