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See This Classroom Of A School Turned To A Poultry Farm

They say,do anything to make money so long is legitimate. The corona virus has made some people wise enough to know that when you sit at one place thinking that money will fall from heaven like manner during the days of Israelites,you must be mistaken.

Nothing is impossible in this life as long as you thought about it,plan it and then execute it. The corona virus has set some people's brain working round the clock to know any possible means to make ends meet so long is legitimate.

This classroom has being empty for quite some time now as a result of the corona virus pandemic that lead to closure of schools and this genius found it fit to set up a poultry farm in a classroom of a school.

Some will be in such classroom thinking of a place to lure ladies to abuse them,so will be for hide out of evil juvenile activities but this genius saw a way of making money and also solving a solution to some who need to consume chickens for food.

Always learn ways to use your God's given brains for positive things rather than for evil reasons.

What do you think?

Declaimer:The photo of students in a classroom is just for reference purposes and has nothing to do with the story

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Poultry Farm


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